An innovative GPS tracking system for the Transportation Industries that can save you thousands of tax dollars

Dozing for Dollars - Details of Our Program

According to the IRS Travel Revenue Procedures, "the Transportation Industry is defined as an employee or self-employed individual only if the employee's or individual's work (a) is of the type that directly involves moving people or goods by airplane, barge, bus, ship, train, or truck, and (b) regularly requires travel away from home which, during any single trip away from home, ususally involves travel ..."

You Already Have a GPS -
Use It to Save Tax Dollars


Trucking fleets have already begun realizing the benefits of having a GPS unit inside their trucks. The ability to track the current locations of their fleet at any time of day or night helps their management respond swiftly to a customer's concerns as to the current location of their expected deliveries and also helps management monitor compliance with DOT Regulations.

Since your GPS tracking system has already been pinging each truck every few minutes, our U.S. Patented Dozing for Dollars GPS software application can independently and objectively compute the required "date, time, and place" requirements of the IRS to obtain the highest possible travel rate deductions for your company.

What the IRS Wants - Per Diem


Many trucking companies and independent truckers have and continue to receive IRS audit notices asking these companies and independent truckers to provide "proof" for their claimed travel per diem. Many of those who receive these IRS audit notices are shocked to later learn that simply multiplying daily recorded mileage times a daily meal rate is not enough "proof" for an IRS Auditor to permit these claimed travel deductions.

But this is where your GPS independently derived travel information comes in. Your GPS already provides the objective third party proof necessary for reliance upon these Travel Revenue Procedures' Section 4.03 by providing both the (1) exact time the GPS was pinged; and (2) the exact latitude and longitude ("lat-long") anywhere on the Earth.

Dozing for Dollars takes your GPS pinged lat-long locations and then calculates the correct IRS pre-approved per diem rates for each specific location as required by the IRS.

Automatic & Accurate
Tax Preparation


Dozing for Dollars prepares complete printed tax returns, including a printout of the travel locations with appropriate rates for the taxpayer, relevant code sections underlined, etc., reducing manual effort on the part of tax preparation personnel.

  • Since your GPS Tracking Company is already determining the truck's current location, our program can automatically take this information and look up the IRS pre-approved daily rate for each pinged location. Thus, no input is needed from the employer.
  • Our program uses government provided guidance along with the 1,000+ daily pinged locations to pick the most advantages daily rate for each travel day. Thus, no input is needed from the employer.
  • Since our program is designed to look backwards at all 1,000+ daily pinged locations and can tell which location(s) the drivers stopped long enough to potentially acquire the needed rest or sleep necessary to meet both DOT and IRS requirements, you will have the required documentation that the IRS requires. Thus, no input is generally needed from the employer.
  • The only required input our program needs is when the driver occasionally incurs a lodging expense. Our program has already determined possible sleeping location(s) so a quick internet input screen will be provided to notify our program that a lodging expense was indeed incurred. The IRS reminds everyone that to claim a lodging expense, a physical receipt must be issued by the hotel/motel and kept by the employer showing the hotel/motel name, lodging location, date, and person(s) who stayed at that facility.

IRS Travel Revenue Procedures


Most taxpayers are generally aware of is the "deemed substantiated" auto mileage rates that are published annually and can be claimed on tax returns each year without having to prove your actual mileage costs to anyone. But did you know that IRS Travel Revenue Procedures specifically encourage transportation employers to provide an automatic hourly meal per diem to "over-the-road truck drivers."

Most employers in the trucking industry do not currently provide a separately computed meal per diem allowance to their driving employees because they mistakenly believe this will (1) only increase their labor overhead costs and (2) increase the level of paperwork related aggravation necessary to keeping track of this ever-increasing minute-by-minute tedious data.

This is where the GPS derived computerized information comes in. Employers of these traveling employees are already anticipating that part of the employee's salary is going to be used by these employees to purchase meals while traveling on behalf of their employer and have already adjusted the salaries upwards to reflect this "already hidden per diem allowance".

Each of the IRS Travel Revenue Procedures says the meal per diem that you are already providing, but currently not separating out, is not subject to payroll taxes or workman compensation by the employer, and not taxable as wages by your employees.

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