If you have been preparing your own tax returns, we can also recommend an experienced tax professional to review your filed returns and discuss the various topics involved in your pending tax audit.  Two words of advice - “don’t procrastinate”.  The IRS will not wait around while you “drag your feet” deciding what to do now that you are being audited. 

Next call your GPS tracking company to verify they still have your complete prior year(s) pinged locations.  With your permission, your GPS tracking company can provide us with your entire prior year(s) pinged information for our processing.

After your prior year(s) data has been uploaded to our system, the only required input our program needs from you is to go back to the start of each affected year and tell us when and where the driver(s) incurred lodging expenses.  Our program will have already determined possible sleeping location(s) so an internet input screen will be provided to you to upload the lodging expense that was incurred on specific days for each and every driver.  To make your uploading easier, our program will assist you driver by driver.

Once loaded, our multi U.S Patented Program is typically ready to supply you, your tax preparer, and the IRS Auditor with between 4,000 pages and 6,000+ pages to legally establish the date, place, and business purpose of your travel.  If you and/or your tax preparer prefers, we can also be added to your IRS Power of Attorney to directly discuss your travel deductions with your IRS Auditor for an additional fee.

If you have multiple drivers affected by your pending IRS Audit, the 4,000 pages and 6,000+ pages mentioned above applies to each and every driver.  For example, if you have had 10 drivers, the total page count detailing your legally allowable travel should easily exceed 40,000 pages to 60,000+ pages.   Or putting it another way, the IRS Auditor could be potentially receiving 600 pounds of printed travel documentation that is 22 feet deep!

The IRS reminds everyone that to claim a lodging expense, a physical receipt must be issued by the hotel/motel and kept by the employer showing the hotel/motel name, lodging location, date, and person(s) who stayed at that facility.