By way of example, a typical long haul driver routinely traveling between San Diego and Boston can easily travel through 40,000 distinct legally defined locations in just one year.  So how does someone figure out what specific per diem allowance to use on any given day when a truck is perpetually moving? 


This is where your saved GPS pinged data comes in . . .


Your GPS tracking system has already been pinging each truck every few minutes and also independently and objectively computing their exact location, thus attesting “the date and place” requirements to qualify for these very generous travel rates.These 25 IRS Travel Revenue Procedures provide the legal guidance necessary to help answer the per diem computation question by stating the following in Section 6:

"6.01. In general. The federal per diem rate and the federal M&IE rate described in section 3.02 of this revenue procedure for the locality of travel will be applied in the same manner as applied under the Federal Travel Regulations, 41 C.F.R. Part 301-11 (2007), except as provided in sections 6.02 through 6.04 of this revenue procedure.

Until July 2010, the tedium of having to possibly of having to annually track 40,000 distinct legally defined locations for each truck was just too tedious for anyone to economically undertake just to save several thousand dollars.   In July 2010 the U.S. Patent Office finished six years of extensively testing of Dozing 4 Dollars™  to accomplish this very task and awarded us with our second U.S.  Patent 7,761,333.  Our newest patent gives Dozing 4 Dollars™  the exclusive legal right to merge our newest Patent 7,761,333 which derives travel locations by use of GPS locations with our previous U.S. 6,978,254 dated December 20, 2005, which computes the per diem allowed for each of these possible 40,000 annual locations per vehicle.  Quoting from Dozing 4 Dollars™  U.S. Patent 7,761,333:


"A system for truckers and bus drivers includes a GPS tracking system that continuously provides vehicle locations to the system for calculation of per diem expense allowances when coupled with a daily vehicle use table and receiver code and vehicle number correlation table."  U.S. Patent 7,761,333


By providing Dozing 4 Dollars™  access to your old GPS pinged data for each truck allows us to help save each of your Independent Truck Drivers approximately $1,400/month in reduced taxes and lower Workman’s Compensation Insurance.


Dozing 4 Dollars™  has NO interest in EVER  receiving ongoing current travel data – just otherwise out-of-date GPS data to help us properly calculate your Independent Truck Drivers IRS allowable per diem for prior travel days.   We want to assure you, the shipping company, that we will NEVER try offering your drivers the service you provide by being able to track your shipping loads.  The sheer magnitude of having to properly calculate the approximate 1,000 distinct locations per day and the correct per diem rate for each of these 1,000 locations per day for each long haul truck keeps us very busy!


Dozing 4 Dollars™  also has NO interest in either knowing your shipping clients’ names or your clients’ addresses.  We only legally need the GPS derived latitude and longitude (“lat-long”) and time to help us properly compute the town where these trucks have been to correctly compute their per diem– NOTHING MORE.