Just How Easy is Dozing 4 Dollars to Use? - More Details

Long haul employers express bewilderment after scanning the hundreds of different daily meal/lodging combinations listed in our sample Dozing 4 Dollars™  trucker travel package and wonder if they, as the employer, must be perpetually calculating these ever changing daily rates.  The answer is no

The IRS has made the employers’ job very easy by creating pre-approved “deemed substantiated” daily meal and lodging rates for every location in the World. 

  1. Since your GPS Tracking Company is already determining the truck’s current location, our program can automatically take this information and look up the IRS pre-approved daily rate for each pinged location.  Thus, no input is needed from the employer.
  2. Our program uses government provided guidance along with the 1,000+ daily pinged locations to pick the most advantages daily rate for each travel day.  Thus, no input is needed from the employer.
  3. Since our program is designed to look backwards at all 1,000+ daily pinged locations and can tell which location(s) the drivers stopped long enough to potentially acquire the needed rest or sleep necessary to meet both DOT and IRS requirements.  Thus, no input is generally needed from the employer.
  4. The only required input our program needs is when the driver occasionally incurs a lodging expense.  Our program has already determined possible sleeping location(s) so a quick internet input screen will be provided to notify our program that a lodging expense was indeed incurred.  The IRS reminds everyone that to claim a lodging expense, a physical receipt must be issued by the hotel/motel and kept by the employer showing the hotel/motel name, lodging location, date, and person(s) who stayed at that facility.