An innovative GPS tracking system for the Transportation Industries that can save you thousands of tax dollars in travel expenses

What is "Dozing for Dollars"


Dozing for Dollars is a GPS tracking system for determining travel deductions for Transportation Industry taxpayers who stay overnight in locations remote from their homes as part of their employment. Dozing for Dollars evaluates locations of travel for the purpose of calculating per diem expenses on your taxes. The definition of travel as defined by the United States Supreme Court means being away from your usual starting location long enough to require the driver to "rest or sleep" before returning back to your usual starting location. Thus, you must "doze" to earn per diem "dollars". Dozing for Dollars is a patented software that has been accepted by the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Tax Court.

Remember, distance is not an issue, just the requirement to "rest or sleep".

A GPS Tracking System
is All You Need


Almost all the legally required effort needed to qualify for these IRS encouraged savings is already being done by your GPS Tracking Company. Your GPS Tracking Company is already independently documenting the following:

  • Objectively recording each vehicle's location over a thousand times per day of each ping - the "time" requirement demanded by these IRS Travel Revenue Procedures.
  • Objectively recording each vehicle's exact location over a 1,000+ times per day anywhere on the Earth - the "place" requirement demanded by these IRS Travel Revenue Procedures.
Long haul employers express bewilderment after scanning the hundreds of different daily meal/lodging combinations listed in our sample Dozing 4 Dollars Trucker travel package and wonder if they, as the employer, must be perpetually calculating these ever changing daily rates. The answer is no.

Did you know the IRS has been offering long haul fleet owners/operators and long haul drivers tax incentives totaling more than $10,000 annually since 1990 for just storing and then retrieving prior GPS derived locations?

Save over $10,000 a year
in Travel Tax Deductions


Dozing 4 Dollars takes your GPS pinged lat-long locations and then calculates the correct IRS pre-approved per diem rates for each specific location as required by the IRS. The proper tax preparation, will easily save a trucking company thousands of dollars for each long-haul driver.

Dozing for Dollars is for the
Transportation Industry

  • Truckers
  • Traveling salespersons
  • Field supervisors
  • Commercial airline or cargo pilots
  • Interstate bus drivers
  • Merchant sailors
  • Locomotive engineers and conductors